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Web site visitors are require to register in order to submit RESTORE program project applications. Please select a username (this cannot be changed) and a password. Usernames must not include any embedded spaces. Passwords require a minimum of 7 characters and must include a special character, a capital letter, and at least one number. Usernames and passwords ARE case sensitive.

Applicants must also indicate their applicant type. If you are submitting a project application on your own behalf, please select Applicant Type "Individual". If you are submitting on behalf of an organization - a for profit business, non-profit, or other organization/institution type, please select the appropriate type from the Applicant Type list.

Point of Contact (POC) Guidelines: You are required to provide POC information, so that if necessary, the County RESTORE team can contact you or someone else you designate for follow-up and additional information.

  • If you are registering as yourself (i.e., “Individual”), enter your name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” input fields. Your name will automatically be added to the POC name fields; then enter your own POC information.
  • For all other Applicant Types (e.g., Non-Profit, For Profit, etc.), then you may either enter your own POC information or submit on behalf of someone else within the organization. If you are submitting on behalf of someone else, enter your name in the “First Name” and “Last Name” input fields and then list the name of the individual on whose behalf you are submitting in the “POC First Name” and “POC Last Name” input fields. Then provide that individual’s POC information in the remaining fields.
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