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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Who can submit a project?
    • Anyone can submit a project (including individual citizens, not for profit organizations for profit companies, governments and quasi government agencies); however, the project must be in Escambia County.
  2. What types of projects are eligible?
    • Eligible activities include those outlined in the RESTORE Act, which can be found by visiting and click on "RESTORE Act Eligible Activities" under the June 16, 2015 Meeting Date.
  3. Who can I contact for technical issues or other questions regarding the portal?
  4. What are my options to submit a project if I don't have a computer/internet?
    • There are several options available to submit a project if you do not have a computer or internet access.
      1. Visit a nearby public library, which offers free access to a computer and the internet. There are several library branch locations:
        1. Main Library

          239 North Spring Street
          Pensacola, FL 32502

        2. Tryon Branch Library

          1200 Langley Avenue
          Pensacola, FL 32504

        3. Southwest Branch Library

          12248 Gulf Beach Highway
          Pensacola, FL 32507

        4. Century Branch Library

          7991 N. Century Boulevard
          Century, FL 32535

      2. Contact Shelly Marshall at or (850) 595-3460 to obtain a paper application and the process for submitting a paper application.
  5. What does POC mean?
    • POC means “Point of Contact.” For all Applicant Types other than “Individual” you may add up to 1 additional point of contact in the portal if you are submitting on behalf of someone else. If the reviewers have any questions concerning your submittal, the POC listed will be contacted.
  6. What if there are multiple agencies involved? Who should be listed as the Point of Contact?
    • The information for the POC should be for the lead agency, as identified by you, the submitter. You may further describe the makeup of the multiple agency partnership in Application Question # 12, Planning and Partnerships, under Section D.
  7. When will the portal close?
    • The portal will close 90 calendars following the portal open date, which is at midnight on September 30, 2015.
  8. When will the evaluation results be available?
    • There are several steps in the evaluation and decision process following the portal close date, some of which are dynamic and dependent upon other moving variables. Because of this, an exact date for when the draft project list and final project list are released is undetermined at this time. It is anticipated that the Escambia County RESTORE Act Advisory Committee will meet sometime between October and December 2015 to discuss the evaluation results and will forward a recommendation to the Escambia County Board of County Commissioners (BCC). It is anticipated that the BCC will meet sometime between December 2015 and March 2016 to discuss and determine the final project list to be included in the Multiyear Implementation Plan submittal to Treasury. All meetings are open to the public. Please check the Escambia County RESTORE website frequently for meeting announcements: or sign up for RESTORE alerts by clicking the Notify Me button. Email for questions.
  9. Will there be training provided on the Portal?
    • Yes. A series of public workshops are scheduled throughout the summer at various locations in Escambia County. The purpose of the workshops is to provide information and training on using the portal to submit a project. The workshop dates and locations are as follows:
      1. (City of Pensacola) – Tuesday, June 16, Sanders Beach Community Center, 5:30 p.m.
      2. (District 2) – Monday, June 22 Lexington Terrace Community Center, 5: 30 p.m.
      3. (District 3) - Monday, July 13, Central Office Complex (3363 West Park Place), 5:30 p.m.
      4. (District 1) - Tuesday, July 21, Charity Chapel (5820 Montgomery Avenue), 5:30 p.m.
      5. (District 5) - Monday, July 27, Langley Bell 4-H Center (3730 Stefani Road), 5:30 p.m.
      6. (District 4) - Tuesday, August 11, Gull Point Community Center (7000 Spanish Trail Road), 5:30 p.m.
  10. What do I provide in the project location request box if my project is “virtual” such as a program or study, it’s county-wide, or at multiple facilities?
    • Please use your office address if proposing a County wide service or program. Please choose one physical address if the project is proposed at multiple locations. If the project’s physical location is very large, please use the most centralized point of the project. In all of these cases, please explain the project location in more detail in Question # 4 in the project portal, under Section A.
  11. What do I provide in the project location request box if my project is offshore such as an artificial reef or seagrass restoration?
    • Utilize the edit location function of the mapping tool within the portal to move your project location to the desired point. If the desired point is located outside of the Escambia project boundaries, but is still inside County/state waters and considered a part of Escambia County, please use the address of the nearest (straight line distance) land based physical address. Please explain the location in more detail in Question # 4 in the project portal, under Section A.
  12. How do I find out if there are other projects similar to mine or other submitters I can possibly collaborate with on a similar project concept? Feel free to contact one of the following designated project facilitators.
    1. Feel free to contact one of the following designated project facilitators.
      1. Economic:

        Name: Jennifer McFarren
        Phone: 850.444.6128

      2. Environment:

        Name: Chips Kirschenfeld
        Phone: 850.595.3449

      3. Infrastructure:

        Name: Chris Curb
        Phone: 850.595.3419

    2. Each of these coordinators is working on behalf of the County with the goal of facilitating matches between people and similar ideas or projects that are willing to work together in the spirit of developing a more comprehensive project application.
  13. How can I give my project the best opportunity of being selected?
    1. Prepare

      Download the Project Application blank and fill it out ahead of time.

      Have a peer review your draft Application and confirm the design intent and predicted outcomes are stated clearly.

    2. Respond

      Relate predicted outcomes to best available science such as literature research, best management practices, and past project experience wherever possible.

      Answer all questions thoroughly.

      Provide concise and direct responses relative to each Selection Criteria.

      Clearly identify all County Needs that will be addressed by your project.

      Provide examples or other evidence that clearly links your project to Bonus Criteria.

    3. Partner

      Review other projects already posted on the Portal to look for projects of similar type or projects in a nearby area that, if combined, would allow development of a more comprehensive project. Contact Escambia County to find potential project partners.

  14. I’m having technical issues with the page loading or my screen view doesn’t seem correct. What should I do?
    • The Portal works best with Internet Explorer Version 9 (IE9) or more recent. You may also use Google Chrome. If you have an older version of IE, consider updating to Version IE9 or more recent (free download) or downloading Google Chrome (also available for free). If you continue experiencing technical problems, please contact Mike Hanson at or (850) 760-0330.
  15. How much money can Escambia County expect to receive through the RESTORE Act Direct Component?
    • Escambia County expects to receive a total of $68.1 million in funding through the Direct Component of the RESTORE Act. Escambia County expects the funding to be received in installments over several years. Currently, $10.6 million is available to Escambia County for the first year from the Transocean settlement.
  16. What is meant by Question 4, “describe how the work associated with the proposed project will be performed in the Gulf Region”?
    • All submitted projects must be located in Escambia County, which is in the Gulf Region. Please describe the physical location of your project or describe how 100% of the project will directly benefit Escambia County. This question has no point value and is simply to confirm that the project will be performed within Escambia County.
  17. What is meant by “the organization or individual who initially submits the project proposal will not necessarily be the same organization/individual that receives the federal funding to implement it”?
    • Once approved by the U.S. Department of Treasury, all projects must follow Escambia County’s procurement process. Some of the projects may be implemented by the County itself, but others will go out to bid.
  18. Can the general public view my submitted project? When can I view other submitted projects?
    1. While in draft form, your submittal is not accessible to the general public. Once submitted, the public may view the project title, project location, qualifying eligible activity, and the project description. Please note that all information submitted to Escambia County are public records.
    2. You may view other submitted projects by navigating to and clicking on “Projects” at the top of the page. A list of projects will appear below the map. You may then click “Print” to print a summary report of projects or you may click “view” next to each project to see more details.
  19. What if I submit my project but then need to edit it or I discover an additional partner?
    • To edit your application after you have submitted it, login and navigate to “My Projects.” Then click on the “View or Edit” button next to the project you wish to edit. Click on the “Status” tab of your project and choose “Edit Application.” A pop up window will appear asking you to confirm the revoking of your application. You can then edit the application, but it must be resubmitted before the portal closing date.